Bright Memory Infinite game review

Bright Memory: Infinite

A crowd of Chinese can move a mountain, but the author of Bright Memory has proven that sometimes one Chinese is enough. His project was not a big game — just a half-hour runner. But unlike other one-man shooters, Bright Memory managed to please everyone — there were graphics, dynamics, parkour and abilities, that is everything you need for an interesting game. Bright Memory was such a success that FYQD-Studio got more people, and the project got a new version called Bright Memory: Infinite which was given for free to all owners of the original.

Let's say right off the bat, Bright Memory: Infinite, though it's grown up, is still a small game for about an hour and a half of playtime. And there's no «New game+», And even the clips do not miss, so that the incentive to pereproyti become a fourth level of difficulty and a varying degree of frankness costumes for the main character, which are sold separately.

But still, this hour and a half — It's a very cool hour and a half, capable of quenching the new Shadow Warrior's bloodlust without a problem. Easy to shoot, meaty slicing of enemies, juicy locations, a variety of opponents and three bosses, which will give the light at higher difficulty levels. The heroine's abilities are also enough to keep the gameplay from getting boring. And the skills have a boost that adds to the heroine's ground and air combat techniques — you've got to properly explore the locations for the statuettes of the boost.

It seems that everything is great, and that's even if you don't mention the technical part. Optimization here is of such a high quality that many AAA-projects could not even dream of. Smooth 60 fps at high graphics settings on brand new hardware — It's even legal? Yes, the locations are limited and there are invisible walls, but when and who has that stopped? It takes will, and you can always kill the code…

As for the disadvantages of Bright Memory: Infinite, the only one mentioned at the beginning — the others just don't have time to show up. But even the short length — not always a vice. An evening of shooting and laser katana slicing in Bright Memory: Infinite will give you much more emotion than the entire Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign, and that for five times the price. True, after the completion of very much want more, which you can not count on. Alas, an indie project, albeit a very high quality and beautiful one, remains an indie project. It is made with soul, but it is unlikely to remain in the memory for a long time, because the impressions from it will be too short-lived.

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