God of War Game Review

God of War

We do not know what exactly prompted Sony to share exclusives with PC-boyars. Maybe Kojima brainwashed and then proved it with the release of Death Stranding, or maybe it was the coronavirus that forced the company to look for new platforms for its games. But whatever the reason — thanks to . Thanks to this one, the first game in the God of War series was released on PC — one of the iconic slashers in general and three generations of Sony consoles (plus PSP) in particular. And it came out not some God of War: Ascension, but the best game possible.

God of War from 2018 has changed a lot since the main series, from the camera and puzzles to the overall storytelling style and setting. Even the main character has changed. Let him have the same name and have common features with the old one, but it's no longer a homicidal maniac, ready to destroy the whole world for revenge. New Kratos releases the old one pretty rarely, and that only helps — the character becomes much more complex, and because of this — more interesting. However, again, there is not much reason to discuss the basics, for that we have a review from the time of PS4. Let's talk about something else — About the PC port and its differences from the original.

Most importantly — controls. Let's face it, it is not very pleasant and comfortable on the keyboard, because the game was never expected to appear outside of the PlayStation. Here's an example. To throw an axe, you have to hold down the left gamepad trigger and throw it with the right one, and then return it by pressing the triangle. The first two actions are done with your middle fingers and don't interfere with simultaneous movement in any way. On the keyboard you use Ctrl to aim and LKM to throw and return the axe with R. The difference is this: when you press the Ctrl you take time to switch to running, but when you return the axe you partially lose control because you're using your index finger, which is responsible for moving to the right. The gamepad uses sticks for movement, and movement has no effect on combat skills. It's different with a keyboard — You have to adjust and knead your fingers to keep up.

So if you don't want any problems, plug in a gamepad. Ideally — A gamepad with a layout from the Xbox consoles, where you can switch weapons with your right hand without stopping your character's movement with your left. The only minus is that a quick turn of the character using the bottom button of the crossbar is still much more comfortable with gamepads from PlayStation. So here's to taste and color.

Next — optimization. There are slight hiccups during the action sequences, but otherwise the work done is excellent. And even if you did not have time to buy a new graphics card, do not get upset — God of War feels good on not the most advanced hardware. In the end, the numerous settings will help to appease the game's appetites. You can't relegate the graphics to potato, but at least you can make things run without frizzes and broken visuals, which are extremely good in the game.

Well, everything else is the same. There are probably quite a few mods coming from the community — both useful, turning the game into something Souls-like, and ridiculous, replacing all enemies with Thomas the steamroller. The most important thing in the PC-release is that now the game is not lost in time, as many games of the series were not resurrected on PS4 and PS5. A real Scandinavian feast.

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