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After the release of The Witch Queen, the comparison of the Forsaken add-on for Destiny 2 with The Taken King for the original seems to start losing relevance. Yes, by the amount of content «Rejected», may have been ahead at the start (however, there wasn't a season system there yet), but in terms of atmosphere «Witch Queen» Turns out to be a lot closer to the adventures of «Dreadnought». Which, however, is not surprising, because we will meet with Savatoon — Sister of Oryx and lord of deceit and cunning.

The following statement is hardly indisputable, but the story here — The most interesting in Destiny 2 since «Rejected». And even though we won't see the end until three seasons later, the storyline of Savatoon gaining access to the Light, as well as privileges like «ghosts» and the abilities of the guards, intriguing, and it doesn't let go until the denouement. Once again we have hints and questions: is the power-giving Wanderer so perfect, is the Darkness so bad, will the willful Mara of the Owls get a separate beating and will her Raven-born brother go insane for a second time?? Or maybe you've forgotten who the wormhounds of the Ahamkara Foundation are, or maybe you want to get to know someone new, like the manager of the sinister Black Pyramids? Now you'll be reminded and told everything by the local writers. Honestly, someone would have given Bungie a half a billion dollars, a great director and producer — Get a cool cinematic universe. Not without a royale in the bush and Indian family showdown, but interesting and distinctive.

At the mercy of this time we were given the world-prestol Savatun, consisting of swamps mixed with ruins, the palace of the witch-king and traditional for the Hive temples and caves. The Taken King is not gloomy, but that is understandable: firstly, the antagonist is a girl after all, and secondly, the pastel colors mixed with the illusions and puzzles perfectly convey the atmosphere of the haven of the goddess of deceit and perfidy.

The set of activities in the new world is standard: patrols, open events, two dungeons, and three lost sectors. We'll explore all this more than once or twice — The quests for new exotic guns will not fulfill themselves, and weekly unlockable quests and abilities give you the opportunity to explore previously inaccessible corners of the map. As much as we'd like to see self-copying behind it all (each season we're given a set of fast-paced arenas for 3–6 players with the same overall structure), it's worth admitting that as a service Destiny 2 is more alive than ever. Despite another castration of past content and planets before the add-on release, there's plenty to keep you busy for a couple or three hours a day until the new weekly activities. Well, if you've purchased a season pass, of course. But no matter how many questions we may have about the quality of the award ribbon itself, the importance of seasonal content for the narrative and gameplay can not be underestimated — Without it to play in «Queen Witch» almost meaningless. In particular, the new season adds content for those who missed the friendship with the Cabal race in general and Empress Kayatl in particular. It seems that we will soon have a difficult neighborhood again on the grounds of a common feud with Sawatoon.

In terms of ammunition and gameplay here is all good. For those who got bored without fresh weapons, there are three dozen different guns with new perks, only complicating the search «yearrolls». Tired of beating them out? Please make them yourself in the new forge on Mars — Just don't forget to collect various garbage for recycling into forging material all the same. It is not unreasonable to note, once again, that Destiny 2 — is still one of the best games for the implementation of the shooting: some revolvers from different manufacturers behave and sound different, and the random characteristics only add to their uniqueness in the game.

Serious redesign in «Witch Queen» one of the archetypes of each class — hollow. Upgraded to the level of Stasis in Beyond Light, they became more flexible in customization and customization. The introduction is certainly a good one, especially for those with Void — elemental favorite, but also a little frustrating: fans of electricity and solar energy will have to wait for beautiful ability screens and a similar update to the unknown better times.

There's probably no point in telling much more about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. The addon did not change the concept, a revolution in the approach to the gameplay is not expected, everything worked like clockwork. The speed of picking up the team for any activity only confirms the popularity of the game. Those who were waiting for a different — Brand new activity types, reductions «grindana» for farming resources and weapons, a friendly automatic raid gathering system for single-player raids with reduced difficulty — again ask not to be disturbed. The new addition to Destiny 2 as a whole came out along the lines of Beyond Light, but at the expense of the subjectively more attractive side of the conflict and the general atmosphere, it looks more interesting and only slightly inferior to Forsaken, which gave us «despicable» And the beautiful City of Dreams with a Higher Dimension. However, and «Rejected» With time «Witch Queen» can easily outclass them — The only thing left to do is not to screw up the story in the new seasons and not to forget to add some cool stuff like «whispering worm» Or missions on the «Glycone».

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